Puppy Classes

at Warrandyte Veterinary Clinic

Puppy Classes

at Warrandyte Veterinary Clinic
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Puppy Classes

Our comprehensive puppy courses are designed to get both pet parents and their puppies on track to a harmonious lifestyle together.

Here at Warrandyte Veterinary Clinic we strongly believe that puppy classes are not just about the basics, it’s about setting them up for a happy, positive & balanced life.

Dr Kersti Seksel (Registered Veterinary specialist in behavioural medicine) states, “it is more than just teaching dogs to sit, stay and come. It is about helping dogs and humans to live harmoniously together”. We deal with the whole dog and the relationships with their guardian, other dogs and their environment.

The idea behind behaviour training early on is that like humans, when pups are very young their brains are like sponges; allowing for optimal absorption of behaviour ideals.

Trainer: Our trainer Prue Long has completed further studies in companion animal Behaviour by training with the Delta Institute, & is also a Certified Veterinary Nurse with more than 10 years Veterinary nursing experience under her belt. 

Prue’s sound knowledge of physical and emotional animal health provides Pet Parents & their pups with modern, positive, fear free approaches that strengthen the human animal bond.

For more information on the highly recognized Delta Institute please refer to their website https://deltainstitute.edu.au/

Objectives: To allow socialisation, build confidence, teach owners how to manage and interact with their dog, enabling responsiveness to voice commands and hand signals.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding dog behaviour & body language
  • Explanation of marker training and release words – this will involve the ‘how’ and ‘why’ to mark behaviour
  • Appropriate human interaction
  • Settling & calm behaviour techniques
  • Safe play with other dogs
  • Early manners development (Visual & verbal cues for Sit, Stay, Drop, Stand, and Recall)
  • Social walking & On-lead manners
  • Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with a new puppy
  • Co-operative care tips for minimising stress at veterinary visits
  • Modern, Positive reinforcement techniques for owners
  • General puppy information (house training, ideal play toys, advice on diet, individual problem solving such as jumping up, chewing/biting).

Duration: 6 weeks

Location: Arrunga Reserve, In the “Friends of Manningham Dogs & Cats (FOMDAC)” Building.

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